Various types of compression springs design process

Installation space: the design of a compression springs must be clearly understood, the need to install the spring space, can effectively grasp the basic manufacturing conditions of a compression spring, diameter, diameter, free long.

Activity stroke load: compression spring design, you must clearly understand the location to be activated, and the required load of the elastic. Determine the required elasticity, you can determine the material, diameter, laps.

Environmental factors: spring in different environments, will be affected by environmental factors, and affect the service life, so the designer must take into account the changes in ambient temperature and humidity, the temperature of the spring life of a huge impact, humidity is easy to make Unperforated springs produce oxidation. So the environmental factors can determine whether the spring for the surface treatment and material selection.

Both ends of the distance from the space: the end of the tension spring will affect the hook and the form of the extension of the long free. Space can determine the size of the close, outside diameter.

Pre-pull the load: pre-pull the load is to determine the spring material and diameter, the size of the Department can be adjusted pre-pull length.

The outer diameter of the mandrel: the inner diameter of the torsion spring is determined by the size of the mandrel, but only after the change of the spring, the appropriate margin is reserved.

The internal diameter of the installation space: if the torsion of the spring device into the embedded type need to consider the embedded space. The space determines the outer diameter of the spring, the length of the length, the number of turns.

Torsion fulcrum: torsion spring work must have a point, this one point can determine the length and form of torsion bar.

Action from the end: force torsion bar in the absence of power and the angle of the fulcrum position, can be set out the force of the length of the torsion bar, the form and the angle with the fulcrum.


Post time: Jun-11-2019
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